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About the Artists...

   John and Debbie are folk artists who live in the coastal town of Mendocino located in Northern California. Both have a great love for all animals. They are surrounded by dogs, cats, Icelandic and Miniature horses, sheep, rabbits, chickens, ducks and doves. These animals, of course, are very distracting when John and Debbie are working in their studio, handcrafting and painting the Ark Animals for which they are internationally known. They work together to create the Mendocino Arks. John creates the Ark and handcrafts the animals. Debbie gives each animal their character and charm by painting and accessorizing them.

   John's love of crafting wood started as a young boy, growing up in the Border country of England and Scotland. At that time, he made models and miniature toys out of wood. Debbie's fascination with textures, colors, and animals began on an Orange Ranch in Ojai, California. Because the Noah's Ark has always intrigued them, John and Debbie have enjoyed collecting "Ark Things" for themselves over the years. Sensing a lack of old fashioned, hand-crafted Arks, known widely as "Victorian Sunday Toys," the Turnbulls have developed their own version of this beloved creation. The response from collectors world wide has been overwhelming. Each Ark is a limited edition, and each is made and sent with lots of love.


Mendocino Ark